‘Unaeza enda…I will send you the money’

Lucy ran out the door. Her heart beating. Her old backpack full of dirty clothes and a paper bag with her slippers. 

The sun was hot on her back but she had to go. Even if she had to walk to town, she would. 

“Eh , hujafunga mlango!!” nkt.

Sumeya her employer was a harsh woman. She turned back just to see her slam the door with a sneer on her brown face. Smooth and poreless. The kind that makes you think of Photoshop and airbrushing but never judge a book by its cover. 

Her husband Zahad was a mean man. After six daughters he had married another wife and Sumeya was left with a perpetual back ache and chronic pain in her neck. She was bitter and it showed in how she treated the people around her. Her beautiful girls she preferred to hide in the shadows.

Lucy had her own problems. She had just left her job. She had no money but the ksh.200 that she was expecting on MPesa. Of course her employer didn’t know she was not returning but her child had been hit by a pikipiki. What could she do. She had to go and there was no way Sumeya would allow her to leave.

After 45 minutes she had arrived in town. All the way her cousin had been calling her,threatening to board the van without her. Busia was a long way and she didn’t have the fare. 

(Sigh) One day she would stop depending on people.

She pushed through to be the first one out. Her top was soaked in sweat and her good skirt had pureed mash potatoes left over from last night while feeding the youngest, Niha. Coming from the city she wished she looked better and could offer more. All the same, her own children needed her just then. Looka didn’t matter now.

She ran down Tom Mboya street towards the North Rift office and prayed that when she arrived in Busia she would have thought of a way to pay for Betty’s medical bills. 

Perhaps she’d have to spend a few nights at the bar. The sun had been so unforgiving on the land…so was life.

*The picture posted does not belong to me. It is subject to illustration for  the purpose of the story.