Nelly sometimes hated being an architecture student. Other than the work load from the usually untimely schedule of the University lecturers, she constantly had to carry around a bulky  item! If it was not her bazooka, she was squeezing into a matatu with her delicate model with her heavy laptop bag on her back. She had to shield her model like her life depended on it when she was in a mat. Sometimes she got elbowed or someone stumbles into the matatu and if even one stick snapped, that could mean her whole project collapsed. It was a a nightmare, sometimes she walked and held up her hands like she  was serving at a fancy restaurant. It was tiring work.

She always needed her laptop as well but she hadn’t been lucky enough to buy a fancy new slim hp model; or if the gods were looking down on her with mercy a Macbook. Nope. Instead she inherited her old Toshiba from her mother who had moved on to Ipads and the world of tablets.She called her laptop Cherie because it needed caresses and soft touches to get it up and running. The charger itself had to be placed in a certain way to work when plugged in.

Today she needed to go to Savani’s in town after class and buy some modeling paper.The huge bulky kind that you hug to your body or use and an umbrella for shade; so after class she strolled with her friend Nduta to the bookstore. Of course they walked looking for the least crowded routes to avoid the occasional swerving and braking of pedestrians in downtown Nairobi. It was road rage on the streets especially during rush hour. It was hard to feel relaxed when people were rushing to make the lines before the queue became unbearable.Therefore, it became a race and everyone was walking at near running pace or walking like the streets “ni ya baba yako” because of course, some of them were just strolling like her.

Thinking about what happened last weekend between Francis and that pretty waitress, she confided in her friend. How they shared secretive glances and sexy smiles and he actually touched her butt! This was a big deal. She couldn’t believe it.

“Aki what am I going to do!! That waitress is hot. Obviously he likes her, so do I just give up?” She said and threw her hands dramatically.

“Now you’ve never made a move, staring at the guy won’t help. Maybe drop him your number” Nduta suggested

“And how am I going to do that? I can’t even manage anything beyond a” hi”, sasa nianze “hey here’s my number call me if you want!” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” she said in a sarcastic tone.

Nelly was feeling anxious and a tiny bit desperate. This was her first time to take real interest in a guy. She’d never really been interested in boys before. Besides, she was always focused on getting the first position in school. It had been drilled into her by her dad from day one. Now that she had gotten some freedom after straight A’s in high school she noticed the male species. Some were dark and bulky, some were short and stout others had girlish features and she didn’t like that, but some like Francis were perfect. I mean, his skin was flawless and yet she struggled with Nivea face wash every night.

Seriously. It wasn’t fair.

She’d simply come to the conclusion he was just blessed with god looks and charm. There was no other way to look at it.

Nduta continued talking and Nelly finally caught up with what she was saying “So I was thinking, you can just write down your number on the receipt and when you pay you can add a tip. Or just say “Keep the change” ” as she mimicked a sweet voice and laughed at herself.

Nelly looked at her in awe. She was right! Nduta was not just a brainy girl she also had swag. She knew how to talk to guys and make them want to do things for her.No wonder she had a boyfriend who made all the girls in the class envious. He dropped her home, took her to Pizza hut, bought her a Michael Kors handbag. Really, the girls were jealous.She was the best person to take advise from.

She smiled to herself and felt a sense of elation. It just might work ,and once we get talking I can get more tips from Nduta!

“Nduta that’s a great idea!” she was getting excited now.

” Hebu we hurry, I need to think about what I will wear tomorrow” and pulled her friend to walk faster.

She knew just the place she would find her prince charming. Let the games begin.

Picture from Society6