Hey people

Happy humpday. Let me just act like I’ve been here (online) all this time. I can’t even justify my absence. Truth is I am internet lazy but today morning I woke up and decided to blog from my phone…yes.No excuses today. 

A lot has happened and because this is my first post of the year I decided to start with a personal story and tell you a little of what’s been happening. I got married (traditional) I have to clarify otherwise I will get bombarded with”why didn’t you invite me?”messages. Haha. Relax

It’s been almost six months since I was chosen by my now hubby from a lineup with my sisters under a leso and we declared our love in front of the villagers. I’m not kidding!!! 😂😂

We’ve become even closer and I’ve settled into my new home. I now call my parent’s place “mum’s” and this took me a while because it has been home all my life. My mother and I have become closer and I even admire her more than I did before. Now am In awe because mother’s make everything look easy and when you get married it gets harder because not just your baby depends on you. So does your husband.

Julie Gichuru said she can’t forget that her hubby is also her baby and that’s why they’ve been married for more than 17 years. 

I really can’t put down everything I’ve learned during my short experience of marriage; but I think it’s going to be the true journey of my life. Word of advice be sure to marry your best friend; the person closest to you. It’s important so that even after an argument about where the socks are (these small things can be so irritating) or a bigger issue you can still talk to each other with a smile in your heart.

Bomb number two…am pregnant! Hehehee 😄😄 I’ve kept this a secret long enough. Baby number two is round the corner. My family is growing. Not even sure how to feel. It’s overwhelming and exciting and after holding a baby boy the other day I was like ‘wow this feels good’ and I wanted to hold my own. 

At 24 when I meet my friends or those who are older than me and are single or just not in the commitment headspace or are there but it hasn’t happened for them yet I get a lot of questions. I have knowledge on something they are curious about. It’s because am young and it’s particularly mind blowing to them because we all know relationships can be complicated. Let alone having a being married with two kids. 

How did you guys meet?

How is it being married?

How’s the baby?

-oh my gosh you’re pregnant! Haha

The only word of advice I can give is to be sure about who you marry and when God decides it will happen for you. Don’t be in a hurry. Girls feel the pressure but I just tell them to chill and for guys until you can support two other people don’t rush. Build yourself, and with that it’s a wrap. 

Thank you for reading!